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Dorchester, MA is part of the city of Boston. However, when it comes to real estate, Dorchester has it’s own unique market separate from the city of Boston.

DRW Realty is located in the Lower Mills section of Dorchester and we have extensive knowledge of residential and commercial real estate in Dorchester so we can better help you find the right place in the area.

Dorchester, MA itself is made up of different communities and neighborhoods. Each community has it’s own average sale and listing prices for houses and properties that are on the market or that were recently sold. Therefore, it is important to work with a real estate agent or company that knows Dorchester and knows each of the different neighborhoods that make up Dorchester.

As mentioned earlier, DRW Realty is located in the Lower Mills section of Dorchester, Massachusetts. But there are other neighborhoods located in Dorchester including:

  • Uphams Corner
  • Fields Corner
  • South Dorchester
  • Dorchester Bay
  • Codman Square
  • Savin Hill
  • Harbor Point
  • Meeting House Hill
  • Adams Village
  • Lower Mills
  • And more

Dorchester itself is six square miles and was founded in 1630 by Puritans that emigrated from Dorchester, England.

Many of the homes here are older homes with a lot of character. Much of the real estate in Dorchester consists of multi-family houses and condos. You can still find a good amount of single family homes which can be harder to find in parts of the city of Boston.

The “T” Or Subway

One of the amenities that attracts many people to purchase real estate in Dorchester is the fact that the “T” or subway goes through this section of Boston. There are multiple red line “T” stops in Dorchester including:

  •  JFK/Umass Station
  • Ashmont Station
  • Fields Corner Station
  • And a trolley extension of the “T” with multiple stops in Dorchester