Quincy Real Estate Company

Quincy, MA is a city of over 93,000 people located just south of the city of Boston. DRW Realty is located  in the next town over and represents both residential and commercial clients in Quincy.

Quincy currently has a large downtown revitalization project in the works where they are rebuilding much of the downtown area.

The average rent and home prices in Quincy and the easy access to the city of Boston make Quincy a desirable place to live. There are two T stops with large parking garages including:

  • Quincy Center T Station
  • Quincy Adams T Station (Includes a very large parking garage)

Like much of the greater Boston area, there are multiple neighborhoods in Quincy. If you are looking into Quincy real estate it is important for to do your research on the different neighborhoods to help you decide where you’d like to live.

The different neighborhoods are:Quincy Real Estate Map

  • Quincy Center
  • Adams Shore
  • Germantown
  • Houghs Neck
  • Merrymount
  • Montclair
  • North Quincy
  • Quincy Point
  • Squantum
  • Wollaston

There is a large downtown area as well as many sandy beaches in Quincy.

If you have interest in buying real estate or selling real estate in Quincy, then give us a call or just fill out the form to the left and we can help!