Weymouth MA Real Estate

Weymouth, Massachusetts Real Estate

Weymouth, a town of roughly 55,000 people and is located on the South Shore of Massachusetts. The town was founded in 1635 and the place Co-Owner of DRW Realty Tom Wrinn calls home.

Although Weymouth has a city form of government, the town has chosen to keep “The town of” in their official name. The name comes from Weymouth, Dorset which is also a coastal town in England.Town of Weymouth Sign

Weymouth is a coastal town and even has multiple islands called Grape Island, Slate Island, and Sheep Island in the town. There are beautiful beaches and parks including George Lane Beach, Webb State Park, Great Esker Park and much more.

Weymouth is a town that is full of history.

Weymouth Neighborhoods

There are different neighborhoods that make up Weymouth and they are:

  • Weymouth Landing
  • South Weymouth
  • North Weymouth
  • East Weymouth

Weymouth “T” Stops

The two closest subway stops are in Braintree and Quincy. However, there are multiple commuter rail stops in Weymouth as well as multiple public MBTA buses that run through and around the town of Weymouth.

The commuter rail stations in Weymouth are:

  • South Weymouth Commuter Rail Station – Old Colony Line
  • Weymouth Landing Commuter Rail Station – Greenbush Line
  • East Weymouth Commuter Rail Station – Greenbush Line

Weymouth School System

There are multiple schools in Weymouth, Massachusetts which include:

  • Abigail Adams Middle School located in East Weymouth
  • Nash Elementary School located in Weymouth
  • Weymouth High School located in South Weymouth

There is also St Francis Xavier School which is a private school located in South Weymouth.

Quick Real Estate Housing Report for Massachusetts:

The number of closed sales in Massachusetts in September of 2013 was 919 and the number of closed sales for September of 2014 was 844 total homes. This means that there was a drop of 8.2% in the number of single-family homes sold in September of 2014 compared to the number of homes sold in September of 2013.

At the same time, the median sales price for single-family homes in Massachusetts fell from $502,500 in September of 2013 to $490,000 in 2014.

To summarize this up, there are less homes being sold and the median price has fallen by 2.5%. However, this is state wide which means that these numbers do not necessarily reflect the actual real estate market in Weymouth.

Quick Real Estate Housing Report for Weymouth, MA

There were a total number of 35 single-family homes sold in the town of Weymouth in September 2014 compared to 47 single-family homes sold in Weymouth in September of 2013. That is a 25.6% drop in the number of homes sold in Weymouth from September of 2013 to September 2014.

The average sale price for a single-family homes in Weymouth was $334,134 in September of 2014 compared to an average sale price of $328,945 in September of 2013 in Weymouth. A total increase in the sale price for single-family homes in Weymouth of 1.6%.

This means that there has been a drastic drop in the number of single-family homes sold in Weymouth, but at the same time the average sale price of single-family homes in Weymouth, MA has actually slightly gone up.

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Weymouth, MA Official Town Website

If you would still like to know more about the town of Weymouth or if you would like to contact a town official, you can always visit the official Weymouth, Massachusetts website at weymouth.ma.us. You can always contact us at DRW Realty as well.