Understanding the Boston Public School’s Assignment Policy

Understanding the Boston Public School’s Assignment Policy

When looking for property within the Boston city limits one of the most important considerations for buyers with children is the school choices.

The Boston Public Schools operates on a home-based assignment system, which aims to ensure that students grades K-8 have access to quality schools in their neighborhood (all high schools are citywide).Boston Public School Children

While where you live will determine your school options it does not guarantee your child’s assignment to a specific school.

This is important to remember because some property listings may include the closest schools to that address without noting how the school assignment process works in Boston.

When considering a particular property, buyers can visit www.discoverbps.org and enter in the address to see the list of school choices available.

The list will include every school within a one-mile radius as well as nearby high performing schools as needed, option schools and the citywide schools.

There is information provided about each school’s facilities, MCAS tier, uniform policy etc.

This helps to give prospective buyers a sense of what the neighborhood school options will be for a given property.

Additional details about the assignment policy as well as general information about the Boston Public School system can be found at www.bostonpublicschools.org


This article was written by Sheena Anello, a Real Estate Agent with DRW Realty. Click here if you would like to contact Sheena.

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